Avoiding Bowel Cancer For Elderly

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Among the bowel cancers, large bowel malignancies are relatively common than cancers anywhere else in the bowel and one of the serious issues in these cancers would be its late diagnosis. Thus, due to this fact, when a diagnosis of a bowel cancer is made, there is a high chance of it being spread and therefore rather difficult to treat.

Another important aspect that we need to remember would be that, even if the cancers of the bowel manifest in the elderly age, the process of developing a cancer usually taken many years or even decades. Thus, the measures that we need to take in avoiding a bowel cancer would have to be initiated rather early for them to be effective. Let us now see some of these measures that would be useful in avoiding a bowel cancer in the elderly age.

Drink plenty of fluids mainly through water

Drinking water in adequate amounts will prevent the stools from getting stagnated and will allow them to be excreted relatively quickly. If not, there might be the possibility of toxic metabolites in the stools acting over the bowel mucosa and therefore leading to changes in these tissues. Such changes overtime have shown to give rise to cancers through further mutations and proliferation.

Do not smoke

Smoking with many of its carcinogenic substances can be interpreted as one of the top cancer makers, especially in relation to bowel cancers in the elderly population. Thus, avoiding such bad habits would be a life saver for susceptible individuals.

Moderate intake of red meat

The ideal diet for an elderly person or else for anyone for that matter would be to take a balanced diet. It needs to contain plenty of vegetables and fruits. The red meats have shown to have an influence over bowel cancers through its toxic metabolites as well as by delaying the bowel emptying. Therefore, taking such foods at moderate amounts would be advisable.

Regular checkups

Bowel cancers may arise due to a persons genetic susceptibility. Thus, in case of such risks, regular screening of the bowel through endoscopic techniques would be a useful measure to detect such changes early and prevent them from progressing to be debilitating and life threatening.

Apart from these, undertaking regular exercises, controlling acid problems and preventing them from continuing would also play a part in avoiding bowel cancers in the elderly individuals.


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