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A famous quiz show asked a quest about chipmunks, which of the three wore Glasses? They gave three choices for that purpose, are given below;

       1- Alvin          2- Simon          3- Theodore

The correct answer of the question is “Simon”. Alvin and the Chipmunk’s franchise owner (Ross Bagdasarian) has suied EMI for non-paying royalities. Jr. Ross Bagdasarian said that EMI is not paying the royalities of boxed set of Chipmunk’s music. After the releasing 24 songs of Chipmunks, in theaters his
 partner did not pay the profit to Ross, earned through theaters. Even Ross has cased a huge claim against his 
partner to fulfill his claim about the “Squeakquel’s” profit that increased more than $200 millions last year. According to Ross this payment is still pending and under the consideration of court to rectify the case as soon as possible.

Ross was very unhappy with his partner for deceiving him in profit sharing that broke his trust on his Hollywood partner. His Hollywood partner did not share the profit of $200 millions or more than this, earned on Squeakquel. For his share Ross at last filed a case against his hollywood partner for being unloyal towards him. Now court will decide what to do but besides it Ross wants his share as soon as possible.


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