How to Get Rid of Split Ends

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What causes split ends?

The causes of split ends are due to many reasons. But having dry ends that have been damaged by heat is one of the most common reasons. It is a natural incident and you should not think that your hair is unhealthy as a result. It could be a genetic fault through your parents.

We all suffer from split ends which look like the bristles of a broom and we try to get rid of them. However, there are those who don’t do the job properly or use appliances that affect the hair very badly. Let’s read below and find out some tips about removing split ends.

1) Brush your hair before or after you take a shower!

While you’re in the shower, don’t bunch your hair up all together when you’re trying to wash it. Keep the hair hanging straight down and apply shampoo near the top of your scalp. Work your hair down in a zigzag motion. This actually helps prevent tangles and breakage when you brush your hair after your shower.

2) Use plenty of conditioner!

Most cheap conditioners don’t really work hard on the hair. This is why you should use the more expensive conditioner available. They help keep your hair smooth and prevent breakage and the split ends.

3) Don’t use hair appliances

The use of these appliances make split ends worse and further damage your hair. Instead of using heat to fry your hair, do spend more time in the morning drying your hair the natural way after a good wash. While combing, spread it across yourself because this exposes more surface area and can dry your hair much faster.

4) Trim the ends

Split ends love splitting further more if they are not dealt with. It is recommended to occasionally check for split ends. If you do spot them by any chance, just trim 1 and a half inches above the split end and apply a conditioning treatment to ensure there is no more splitting.

5) Massage with oils

Do a regular massage to your hair with oil. Always start from the root to the tip as this can prevent split ends. A few suggestions that you can use are:

· Olive oil

· Coconut oil

· Almond oil

6) Vigorous brushing is not the way!

Vigorous brushing is one cause of split ends. The reason why is because harsh brushing removes the protective cuticle layer from the strands. It is better to use a white toothed comb to comb your hair but do use it gently.


Sometimes, you may do something that can cause more split ends. Do use the tips above and make that hair lustrous.

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