Mostly 5 Reasons Girls Break up With Guys

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Reason Number 1: You Cheated
Whether you were drunk or I was out of town, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t have the sense to keep it in your pants, she’s not keeping you around. Country Music Artist and Season 4 American Idol winner Carrie Underwood describes the reaction perfectly, “And when we confront you about it, there’s no point in lying, because we already know!”

Reason Number 2: Whining
Yes, guys, we do love it when you show a little emotion – especially when it’s heartfelt and dedicated to us. However, if you are constantly whining, complaining or crying about a job, a football injury, missing the game or taking out the trash, we get just as sick of it as you do!

Reason Number 3: Bad Hygiene
Just because you’re with someone now does not give you a free pass on all things clean, clipped and combed. Please, keep brushing your teeth, clipping those nails and cutting that hair. Love is not blind in this case!

Reason Number 4: We Met Someone Else
This one hurts, we know. Just like you can’t control your hormones, we can’t control our feelings. If we meet someone else and our current relationship isn’t strong enough to hold it together, our eyes will wander and our hearts will stray.

Reason Number 5: The K-Fed Syndrome
We’ve finally come to the realization, after seeing your true colors shine (and dim), that you are a loser. If this happens to you, chances are you already know it and don’t care. You don’t have a job, an education or a clue. You use us for money, fame, fortune – or, realistically – a big screen and a warm bed.

Some of these reasons are under your control and some are beyond your control. If it’s meant to be, it will be!


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