Golden Globes 2011 Review

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The 2011 Golden Globes was a spectacular event as usual. Although I fell asleep half way through the show, I am still going to make some interesting comments about the people I have seen. Let us go in the order of importance. First up are the famous and contraversial Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie looked pretty much the same as she did in her Tourist film. Her hair was long and flowing and she was wearing a shiny royal gown. The girl was a real beauty. Brad Pitt opted for a well tailored suit as usual. The couple looked great together and Angelina was leaning on Brad the entire time of the show. Love the public display of affection.

Sandra Bullock showed up wearing a beautiful dress. It’s too bad that her fashion choice lacked originality as she was clearly wearing the same outfit as the former wife of her current boyfriend Scarlett Johansen. Bullock’s hair looked too much like the hair of Taylor Swift. Sandy should really try to be more herself next time. Well, at least she looked pretty.

Justin Bieber spoiled a perfectly nice outfit with a pair of bulky sneakers as usual. I guess this would be the youngster’s way of showing that he is cool. I do not know about cool, but odd would definitely be an accurate description. Perhaps Justin has spent a bit too much time with Usher. It looks like the mentoring is going just fine. Before long Justin Bieber will be a full blown gangster.

Halle Berry wore a very revealing outfit. I am assuming that she has nothing to hide except her real age. The outfit was clearly chosen in poor taste. Maybe it was a last minute choice. Otherwise, Halle Berry should really step it up next time. Looking at that outfit makes me want to throw dollar bills at her. Hope you get the hint.

Michelle Williams showed up looking strangely comfortable in her flowery gown. This dress looked like one of my house outfits. I am not sure if she was actually aiming to look silly, but I guess I would recommend that she looks at herself in the mirror next time before she arrives at the Golden Globes.

Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic both looked extremely shabby. Christian Bale forgot to get a haircut and trim his beard and Sibi Blazic did not remember to iron her clothing. I guess these two a truly a pair made in heaven. Let’s just hope they took a shower.

Helena Bonham Carter wore a pretty crazy colorful dress and her shoes did not match in color. I guess she was trying to be original and creative. Well, it sort of worked. The look was very impressive and slightly scary.

Leighton Meester did not disappoint in her perfectly fitting dress. This outfit was very figure flattering and just right for her. This girl definitely knows how to dress for her shape. She is smart to have shed the extra pounds.

Eva Longoria wore an all black mermaid dress with an extremely long tail. I guess she must be mourning the death of her marriage because her look was quite depressing. Eva needs to cheer up!

Megan Fox still does not know who she is. Her hair looked strangely similar to Angelina Jolie’s and her dress was definitely out of place with itself and with her body. Her should did not match her dress. I am not sure what Megan Fox is up to these days, but I hope she takes her career to a better place. It would be a shame to lose a beauty like this.

When I saw Mandy Moore in her horrible blue gown, I thought that she may have a wedding reception to attend after the Golden Globes. She looked like a badly dressed brides maid who was never going to be a bride.

Catherine Zeta-Jones looked amazing in her royal green gown. This look is pretty enough to make any woman green with jealousy. Considering the cancer scare with her husband recently, Catherine can definitely keep herself together for the big events.

Julia Stiles looked like she gained a lot of weight. Her dress was all black, however, this color did not provide the slimming affect that it was supposed to deliver. I guess the cut is more important than the color. In this case, the entire look was atrocious

Kelly Osbourne wore a nice dress, however, she still needs to lose more weight and get rid of that still granny hair.


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