Marching Forward

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Hello, world. 

I write to you today with the question in mind, “Can we move forward into the future without the past grabbing us and pulling us back?” 

Everything in life needs balance. We humans have difficulty with balance. Think about it. Any conflict you have in your life is the result of an imbalance. On a day to day basis, I wonder if that lack of balance comes from past slip-ups or from scars that are left from what has happened to us. Many of us choose to be victims, yet, many of us push forward. WE march forward. But for those who choose to march forward, is the past just sitting and waiting to just pull us back into our old habits, our guilt, our shame, and our pain? Marching forward for me has been such a challenge because of not only living with my own mistakes, but with the hurt from others’ mistakes. So, you halt, pick up the pieces, and keep moving forward in this march of life. From there, you get so exhausted from stopping to pick up the pieces, you ask God (Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Buddha, Jah, Hare Krishna, the Virgin Mary, a tree, yourself) “Why am I marching to begin with?” It is discouraging and you lose your motivation. 

Perhaps what we need to do is pray for a purpose, or find our own purpose and make that our motivation. Perhaps that motivation will be our solution. We have to come up with some sort of solution, or maybe a soul-ution.I present this motivation idea as a solution because it would be negative to pose a question and not attempt to answer it or leave it open-ended. Life is already uncertain and open-ended as it is. So i put my faith to rest in finding answers and solutions. 

What motivates you and brings you balance?


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