Internet Marketing is Not a Four-Letter Word

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Another phrase that fits this description is “Internet marketing.” This article will describe the often misconstrued world of internet marketing.

In truth, online marketing is an excellent way to do business. Think about it this way: marketing on the Internet is simply another medium for advertising your goods or services. It is similar to a newspaper ad or television commercial, just delivered in a different way. It is smart, cost effective, and yes! – it really can make you and/or your business large amounts of money when utilized properly. The only catch is that an effective online marketing strategy requires good search engine rankings, which is where a Boston SEO firm comes in.

Search engines like Google exist to provide users with the most relevant results for their search terms. Since it would be impossible to go through each website and decide which sites are more important than others, search engines use computer programs known as “robots” or “spiders” to comb through the data on web pages. Based on elements such as the keywords used throughout a page, these spiders figure out what search results any given page should be ranked in for specific keywords– and also what its page rank value should be.

This is important information for anyone interested in internet marketing, because if you can’t rank well you might as well not rank at all. Data published by Google and other online search authorities show that most search engine users choose one of the top results for their search term – with more than half choosing whoever is ranked #1. If you want to make money through online marketing, this is where you need to be.

The problem comes when there are millions of web pages competing for the same phrase. Take something like “books.” Amazon, Barnes & Noble and tons of other well-known retailers sell them. What are the odds your tiny bookstore is going to take that coveted #1 search spot for the keyword “books?” Not likely. Not on your own, at least. A SEO firm or specialist can help you bridge the gap between where your rankings are, and where you’d like them to be. By systematically improving how your websites look to the search engine spiders and providing you with the proper support, your web pages will shoot to the top of the rankings.

Internet marketing may be a lot of things, but shady and/or annoying doesn’t have to be one of them. With the help of a friendly local SEO firm, you’ll be dominating search engine rankings in no time!

Karen Barney wrote this article for inSegment. She is recommending inSegment’s Internet Marketing, Boston SEO, and Online Marketing services for those who are in interest.


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