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Health is not everything but without health everything is nothing.

Children,family,material possessions are important but health is the secret to a long and happy live.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy longer life.

  1.Annual medical tests.It is easier to prevent than to cure disease.Medical tests done regularly can find diseases such as diabetes and cancer. In this way you can cure the disease in incipient formMany lives could be saved if this rule was respected,so do not forget regular medical examinations at least once a year.
  2.Relax.Sleep at night at least seven or eight hours.It’s good to do before bedtimea relaxing ride.You should not sleep too much or too little.Your body regenerates during sleep.
  3.Check cholesterolHow can you control cholesterol?
Eat fewer foods with animal fat.Eat more vegetablables and fruitsEating fruit and vegetables is natural source of health.
  4.Quit  smoking.This is very importantLung cancer is becoming more widespreadperson who does not smoke live an average 10 years longer than person with this defect.
  5.Drink plenty of waterWater helps indigestion and keep your kidneys in good shape. It is advisable to drink at least two liters of water per day.
Be happy and healthy!


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