Geocacheing For Beginners

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Things you will need for your geocacheing kit:

Hand-held GPS system

Small trinkets to trade


Snacks and drinks

Bug spray



Geocacheing is a great, low-cost hobby that all families can enjoy. There is a little initial cost to get a good hand-held GPS system and an internet connection. But once you have them, that’s all you need. Of course a sense of adventure is also a must.

There are several websites that you can go to, but is the one we use. You connect your GPS to your computer and choose the locations near you that you would like to search for and it puts the coordinates onto your system.

There are several kinds of geocache’s. Some are small, pill bottle sized that simply hold a log that you sign and date when you find it. Others are plastic food containers, coffee cans and ammo cans that not only hold a log, but small trinkets. You can trade a small trinket that you’ve brought for one in the cache. It’s a must to sign the log book, so it’s good to also bring an extra pen. Then you return it to the place you found it for the next person, making sure not to leave it in plain view. Some cache hiders get really creative and tricky with where they hide their caches. They will often leave a little clue that will help you find it if you’re having trouble.

The gold mine of Geocacheing is little trinkets that you find called travel bugs. Some look like dog tags, some are coins, but they all have a name and a tracking number on them that is a record of everywhere they have been. You log onto the website that’s on the bug, enter the tracking number, and it will tell you everywhere it has been, and everyone who has had it. We once found one that originated in the U.K. and the person who started it put a request in that asked that whoever found it also attach a picture of themselves in front of their favorite pub holding a pint. It was neat to see all of the pictures. After you log them, you put them in a different place and record it onto their website.

Once you’ve found a few, you might also decide to start your own cache. Just make sure you have a weather tight container, a log, a pen and several little trinkets to start with. Then record the coordinates of where you decide to hide it and add it to the website. Some people also put something nice in for the first person who finds the cache. We’ve seen things anywhere from a 5 dollar bill, to an I-pod. The possibilities are endless, and if you find a park that has several in it, you can make a whole day of it. We pack lunches and snacks and lots of drinks in a backpack and have hours of fun. Just make sure you also bring sunscreen and bug spray in your Geocacheing kit. Good luck on your treasure hunt!

Remember to always trade a trinket for a trinket. Make sure you bring plenty, especially if you have multiple children. Dress for the outdoors. Wear sneakers and keep your sunscreen and bug spray handy. Only take the travel bugs if you know you’re going to log it and relocate it. And most of all have fun!




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