How to Allocate Budget For Internet Marketing Campaign

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In the last Article we discussed about how internet marketing can help your business succeed. In this edition we will discuss about budget allocation and feasible expectation from an Internet marketing campaign.

Internet Marketing is the process of promoting products and services of any business on the internet. Internet Marketing embeds in itself Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing (which is the latest buzzword). Marketing as a process involves advertising the products and services of a business to people and convince them to come to the business entity’s doorsteps. Converting the visitors to customers depends on many factors like quality of product or service, customer interaction, meeting the requirements of customers and above all convincing customers that the product or service you offer gives them the best ROI.

Social Media sites like You Tube, FaceBook and MySpace have huge traffic. But you need experts who can help take advantage of these websites to market your business. Qualified SEO service providers research the most popular sites for your type of business, and then submit content to get real people interested in your site. Website promotion through Social Media incurs a good deal of research and analysis of consumer behavior online i.e. what they like, what they are searching for, how they are searching for it, what are their expectations and many such aspects, thereby it becomes mandatory to judiciously plan the Social Media Campaign for a website.

The budget allocation for Internet Marketing is based on the financial factors that encompass the marketing module of your Product or Service. Let’s take for example:

If you deal in service based industry then your promotion strategy would be totally different from product based websites. As for service based websites the main objective is to showcase service and expertise in the domain you deal in. You need to formulate the online campaign in a way which enhances trust on your services. Visitors will view the details of your service, will go through the reviews, view your expertise and then decide on whether they want to avail your service or not.

The strategy should be totally different for product based sites. Here one would need to showcase all the features of the product, latest launches, related product comparisons, detailed pricing, comprehensive navigational structure for viewing the product models and online buying options.

The budget allocation would totally depend on how you conceive the whole Internet Marketing campaign. If you are targeting visitors interested in online purchase then your budget allocation for Internet Marketing should be at least 50% of the overall Marketing spend whereas if your aim is providing information of the services that you offer and then finally getting in the visitors as your customers then anything around 20-30% of the overall Marketing spend for the whole project would solve your purpose. Here the overall marketing spend covers all the media of promotion i.e. visual media, print media, acoustic and online media.

Here again, a feasible expectation from the Internet Marketing campaign depends on a number of factors that include:

Finalized Keywords – The finalized keywords would play a major role here. For any campaign broad keywords would take some time for the rankings to show up. Keywords that are geo-specific or product specific can be brought up into rankings earlier than broad keywords.

Competitor Sites – The rankings for keywords always depends on the Competitors Online presence. If the sites that you are competing with have been in existence for a long duration, have high number of pages indexed, have good social media presence, have a smooth technical structure, has good keyword density for the finalized keywords then your site needs to be at par with them on all these metrics to chase them down and rise up on the rankings.

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