Top Mistakes New Freelance Writers Make

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New freelance writers come into the field every day and many of those new writers are eager to work and learn. Despite all of their efforts, new writers will always make some mistakes when they are first starting out. Though you cannot avoid every new writer mistake out there, there are five things that you need work hard to avoid.

5. They Don’t Promote

Promoting your online articles is trick to making money on sites that pay based on an articles performance. Many new freelance writers throw content up on one of these sites and then just let it sit. Then they get frustrated because the articles they worked so hard on are not earning anything. If they had simply done a little bit of article promotion, they could easily double their earnings. So do not make this new writer mistake. Sign up for sites like StumbleUpon and Twitter and start promoting your articles.

4. They Take Rejection Personally

Many first time writers often find taking any form of rejection too personally. They will not be hired by a particular site or have an article rejected by an editor and want to give up. This is a terrible mistake, because no matter how good a writer is, they will face rejection. So instead of giving up when you face rejection in your writing career, think of it as an opportunity to improve your writing skills.

3. They Don’t Schedule

Another common mistake of new freelance writers is that they do not create a scheduled time for their writing. Many tell themselves that they will write a certain number of articles a day and then never reach that goal because they spend their time in forums instead of actually writing. In order to avoid this mistake, sit down and write a rough schedule of when you are going to write and how many articles you are going to write in a particular time frame. This will give you a guideline to stick to so you can reach your daily goals.

2. They Don’t Diversify

Like your investments, your time writing needs to be diversified between many different sites. If you are relying on your writing as your primary income, this is imperative. When eHow closed their writer compensation program in April of 2010, many new freelance writers were left scrambling because they had not starting building up content on other sites. Do not make the same mistake; spread your time between several writing sites to ensure that if one goes under one day, you will not be left hanging.

1. They Give Up Too Quickly

Finally, the number one mistake new freelance writers make is that they give up too quickly. All too often new writers put up a few articles on a couple of sites and get frustrated when they do not see immediate results. If you need to see immediate earnings to continue writing, sign up for a few sites that offer upfront payments for your articles and then spend the rest of your time building your residual income. This will allow you to stay motivated while you are building up your article library and income stream

So if you are looking to start even a part time career as a freelance writer, make sure you do not make these mistakes. These mistakes are all avoidable and if you avoid them you will greatly improve your writing career in the long run. So take a look at this list and memorize it so that when you start making these mistakes, you can fix yourself quickly.


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