How to Paint a Light Fixture

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Many people know that you can use paint to update cabinets and furniture, but did you know you can also use it on your outdated light fixtures? With the proper preparation, you can change the look of your light fixture with nothing more than spray paint. This could save you hundreds of dollars over buying a new one. So why not try it using these steps.


The first thing you need to do in order to paint your light fixture is to remove it from the wall or ceiling. Be sure you have all electricity turned off from the area before you try to remove it to avoid electrocution. Once you have, simply unscrew the light fixture from the wall and disconnect the wiring. Once you have done this you will be able to prepare your fixture for painting.


Lightly sand the light fixture with 120 grit sand paper to slightly rough up the surface of the metal. Sanding helps the paint stick better which is important for a long lasting finish. So take the time to lightly go over your light fixture before you do anything else.


Once you have the light fixture sanded, be sure to protect any part of the fixture that you do not want paint on. Paint will inevitably get where you do not want to go, so do not think that being careful is a good plan. Cover wires, glass and anything else with wax paper and painters tape to ensure you are not kicking yourself later.


Though you could apply the paint with a brush, it is highly recommended that you use a spray paint when painting your light fixture. Spray paint goes on smoother, allows you to get into small areas easier and has many more metallic finishes than regular paint. So when you go to choose paint for this project, stick to the spray paint section.

Start spraying light coats onto the light fixture from 6-8 inches away. Be sure to allow your paint to dry completely before starting the next coat to avoid dripping. Remember that they lighter the coats you use, the more smooth your finish is going to look. So take the time to do it right.

Let Dry

Once your light fixture is completely coated, give it plenty of time to let dry before you put it back into use. Allow at least 12 hours for the fixture to sit before you try to hang the fixture back up. This time allows the paint to set and will help avoid chipping in the future. Then once it is dry you can put the light fixture back up. Just be sure that the electricity is turned off first.

Once the light fixture is back up you are done. You created the look of a brand new light fixture for much less than it would have cost to replace it. Now you can sit back and enjoy the labors of your hard work.


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