How to Choose a Paint Color For a Bathroom Vanity

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Many people, when trying to remodel a bathroom on a budget, have heard that painting your bathroom vanity is a great way to save money. However, very few people know how to choose the right color paint for the job. Luckily, it does not take a designer to figure out the best paint color for your bathroom. Simply consider these four things when you are selecting your paint color.


Most people do not think about the amount of maintenance that a color will need when they choose it, but it is something to be considered. For instance, light colors like white would not be a good choice for those with little time to clean as dirt tends to show up on white more. So, if you are busy or have children that like to cause messes, you should stay away from colors that will show dirt easily.

Bathroom’s Style

The next thing you should consider when you are choosing a paint color for your bathroom vanity is the style of your bathroom. If it is a modern bathroom, a red vanity might fit perfectly. However that same red vanity in a traditional bathroom might stand out too much. So, take into consideration what colors work in your bathroom’s style and what does not.

Other Colors in the Bathroom

One very important thing to think about when choosing a paint color is the existing colors in the bathroom. If you have no intention of changing things like the floor and counter colors, then do not choose a vanity color that will not work with them. Take a few paint samples into your bathroom and see what they would look like up next to your existing finishes. If a color does not work, then get rid of it. This is probably one of the best ways to narrow down your color choices if you are having a hard time choosing.

Personal Taste

Finally, be sure to include your personal taste into your color choice. You can follow rules all day, but if you do not like the end result then it was not the color for your bathroom. So when you are making your final selection, step back and let your eye wander. Is there a color that draws your eye? Does it work with your finishes? Would you be happy to see that color every day? Then that is your color.

As you can see, choosing a paint color for your bathroom vanity does not have to be difficult or require a degree in design. Most people when considering these four simple things will be able to choose the color that works best for their room and lifestyle. So start narrowing down your other options and before you know it you will have a beautifully painted vanity.


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