Unique Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas

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So many people live with the same boring bathroom mirror that everyone else has because they believe that making a unique bathroom mirror will take too much time. The truth is that creating a unique bathroom mirror does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Here are a few unique bathroom mirror frame ideas that just about anyone can do.

Hang Fabric

Use fabric to create a unique bathroom mirror frame. Get a small decorative curtain rod and hang it above your mirror. Then buy curtains or simply drape fabric so that it hangs on either side of your mirror. This creates the look of a window in your bathroom and can be a very beautiful look. Just make sure the lighting above your mirror does not get too hot, as it could pose a potential fire hazard.

Mosaic Tiles

It seems that mosaic tiles are coming back with a vengeance in every room of the home. Why not bring that popular look into your bathroom with an easy mosaic mirror frame? Lay your mirror on a flat surface and glue your mosaic tile down with contractors adhesive. Once the glue has set, protect the rest of the mirror and then grout your tiles. Once the grout has dried you have a beautiful bathroom mirror that no one else has.


Many people have a sea theme in their bathroom, so why not bring that theme to your mirror? Purchase a variety of seashells or use ones you have collected to make a beautiful frame. Glue the seashells directly onto your bathroom mirror, making sure to keep the shells as close together as possible. Then just let dry and enjoy.

If seashells are not your thing, you can still use this same concept with glass pebbles, decorative rocks, or even a variety of drift wood.

Framed Pictures

If you would like to bring your family pictures into your bathroom, try this idea. Purchase small picture frames of the same size and color. Then, print off your favorite family pictures in black and white and put them into the frames your purchased. Once your pictures are in the frames, simply use construction glue to add the framed pictures around the outside of your plain bathroom mirror. You will have a unique frame that incorporates your family.

Now that you have your inspiration and see how easy it can be, why are you still living with that boring bathroom mirror? Pick the best idea for your bathroom and start collecting the items you need. If you get started now, you will soon be enjoying a beautiful bathroom mirror that no one else has.


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