How to Make a Cheap And Easy Meal

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A good meal does not have to be complex or costly to be good. So why is it that so many families spend over $10 per meal to feed their family? Using this simple guide, you can make a complete healthy meal for around $4.50 that will satisfy a hungry family of four. So get started.

Start with Cheap Meat

The best way to start a cheap meal with an inexpensive meat. Try to find meat options that are under $1.50 a pound. Some great meats to look for are chicken quarters, bone in pork chop, ground turkey. Not only are these meats inexpensive, but with just a little creativity they can be used in almost any dish. If you are trying to watch your diet, be sure to remove any skin or excess fat and buy the lowest fat ground turkey you can afford.

Add a Starch

Next, you are going to want to add some type of a starch to your meal. Try to spend no more than $1 on the carbohydrates that you want to use. Some very inexpensive options are white rice, egg noodles and bread made from scratch.

Throw in a Sauce

The meat and starches are the backbone to the meal; now it is time to add in some sauce. You are going to want to stay under $1 to keep your meal cheap and luckily there are many different options at this price point. Store brand spaghetti or alfredo sauce, white or brown gravy mix and cream of broccoli, chicken or mushroom soup are all great inexpensive options to add to you meal.

Add Some Veggies

You could just stop at the sauce, but that would not make for a very healthy meal. So, find a vegetable option that appeals to you for around $1. You can typically buy one bag of frozen vegetables or two cans for around that price.


Now that you have all of your food ingredients, it is time to make a cheap meal. Take a look at the items you have bought and decide whether you would like to combine them together to make a casserole or cook them separately to enjoy on their own. No need for fancy preparation. If you think that it tastes good, then you have made a meal.

For only around $4.50, you have made a complete meal for four people. The best part is, you can take this same approach and use a variety of different ingredients to achieve a completely different meal for the same price. Meals do not have to be expensive or complicated to be enjoyed. So get started creating your own masterpiece.


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