How to Modernize a Bathroom on a Small Budget

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Modernizing an old bathroom is something many homeowners want to do but feel they cannot due to a small budget. This is an indignity because it does not take much money to make a bathroom feel new. Simply use these ideas to update your bathroom and see just how little money you need to spend.


Tear down any old wallpaper and give your bathroom walls a fresh coat of paint. For as little as $20 you can bring color into your bathroom and update the feel. Just make sure to cover your surfaces properly so they paint does not ruin the finishes you do like.

Vinyl Tiles

If your bathroom floor is looking a little tired, then you might want to consider laying down come inexpensive vinyl tiles. These tiles can be found for as little as $.20 a square foot and come in a variety of style and colors. Not to mention they can be installed by virtually anyone right over your existing flooring. This makes them a perfect option when you are working with a small budget because they are inexpensive and you save the cost of installation.


An old lighting fixture can quickly bring down the look of your bathroom and make it feel outdated. Luckily, a new lighting fixture can easily be found for as little as $30 on clearance. Combine those prices with a coupon at a store like Lowe’s and you can get a great deal. Just make sure there is nothing wrong with the fixture before you get it home to save you any headaches.

Paint the Vanity

Why live with an ugly vanity when you can spend $15 on paint and get an all new look. With a neutral color like chocolate brown or white, you can make your vanity look much better than it currently does. You can also spray paint your current hardware for around $5 with a metallic spray paint to make them feel new. Though painting a vanity takes quite a bit of time and energy, for the low cost it is well worth the effort.


Finally, finish off your bathroom modernization with a few accessories. Get a new shower curtain and a few decorative towels to display for around $25. This is a great place to bring in some color, so feel free to go bold if you want to. Check the clearance section of stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and Target and combine your finds with a coupon for that store to get a great deal. Just make sure you set a budget so you do not overspend.

As you can see, just because you are working with a small budget does not mean you cannot modernize your bathroom. Use one or all of these ideas to make your bathroom feel updated. Remember, you can always do just a few improvements at a time so you can enjoy an updated look while you are waiting for more money to continue your bathroom makeover. However it is you choose to do it, just make sure you are not using money as an excuse for living with an ugly bathroom.


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