How to Become a Freelance Writer

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There are many people out there who would love to make a living writing but feel that it just is not possible. The truth is, however, that becoming a freelance writer is not some unreachable dream. There are things you can do to ease yourself into the world of writing and eventually make a living as a freelance writer. Follow these steps and put in some hard work and you can realize your dream.

Network with Other Writers

Make sure during your journey to freelance writing, that you network with other freelance writers. Take a look at forums for freelance writers and see what they are talking about, where the jobs are and how much they make for the articles they write. Other writers are a great source of information when you are just breaking into the business, so make sure to tap into this resource.

Start Small

The best way to break into the world of freelance writing is to start will smaller jobs. Sign up for some content writing sights like Associated Content and Helium that will pay you upfront for your articles while you are working on your writing skills. You can also try sites like Suite101 and InfoBarrel that will pay you based on the ad revenue your article makes. Use these types of sites to build up your article library to show potential clients in the future. Remember that small steps is the best way to get where you want to go.

Expand your Sites

Once you have the hang of online writing and have some good articles in your library, start applying to higher paying sites. Sites like Demand Studios, Internet Brands and Break Studios will pay as much as $15 per article but you have to submit a resume and get accepted. Once you do though, you will probably be able to earn enough money per article to cover your bills. Calculate how much you make per article and how many articles you can write everyday to see if you can make a full time income with these sites. If you can, you are that much closer to being able to become a freelance writer.

Apply for Better Jobs

Once you have an extensive library at the smaller sites and have the hang of writing for the higher paying sites, start looking for better paying jobs. Start applying for writing positions on sites like Many large sites that higher writers pay much more per article than places like Demand Studios, but you have to get hired. Start applying for positions and distributing your resume to see if you get any bites. Also, keep an eye out on writing forums for opportunities that you may not have seen. If you cannot find anything right away, no problem, keep writing like you have while you look for better opportunities.

Get Private Clients

Finally, constantly look for private clients on sites like oDesk and It is always important that you do not get into a rut with your writing, and private clients are a great way to shake things up. Just make sure you are pricing yourself right so that the work that you do is worth it.

Breaking into the world of freelance writing is not impossible, but it does take time and hard work. Use these steps to lead you in the right direction and find what works best for you as a writer. Before you know it you will be realizing your dream of working for yourself as a freelance writer.


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