How to Update Your Kitchen With Appliance Paint

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If you are looking to give your kitchen an updated look, then you have probably thought about replacing those ugly old appliances. However, you can give your existing appliances a whole new look with just appliance paint. Though it takes some work, this process can save you thousands of dollars over purchasing new appliances. Simply follow these instructions to get a finish that will last for years.


Give your appliances a good cleaning with a simple mixture of soap and water. If there is any build up of dirt on your appliances, the paint will not stick. No matter how clean you try to keep your appliances, dirt and grime will always build up. So get that cleaning pad out and start scrubbing.


Move your appliance outside and remove and protect anything you do not want paint on. Take off handles or knobs that do not need paint, and cover anything else with painters tape. Yes, you could just try to be careful and skip this step, but paint has a tendency to get anywhere you do not want it to. So play it safe and take the time to protect the things you do not want painted.


Take 120 grit sand paper and lightly sand down your appliances. Sanding gives the appliance paint something to grip to, which is important for a long lasting finish. If you are feeling lazy, do not skip this step. Get a power sander and it will do most of the work for you. Just be sure you do not overdo it and change the shape of your appliance.


Once the appliance is sanded, it is time to start spraying or brushing on the paint depending on the type of appliance paint you got. Either way, make sure you apply the paint in light coats to avoid dripping and give a professional finish. Then just follow the instructions on the can.


Once your paint has been applied and looks evenly coated, it is time to let it dry. Give the paint at least 24 hours to sit before you move it. This gives the paint time to bond well to the appliance and will ensure that your work will last. Then just move your appliances back inside and enjoy your paint job.

As you can see, updating your kitchen with appliance paint can be hard work. However, the money you will save and the pride you will feel once it is done can be well worth it. So pick out your paint and start sanding. You will soon feel like you have updated your kitchen with nothing more than appliance paint.


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