Cheap Ways to Update a Room

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So many people live with an ugly, outdated room because they are working with a limited budget. This is completely unnecessary. There are so many cheap ways to update a room that there is not reason not to update that unsightly room in your home. Simply apply these tips to create a brand new look on any sized budget.


Giving your room a through cleaning is one of the least expensive ways to update it. An old painting or a piece of furniture is going to feel much more outdated if it is covered in dust. So clean your windows, floorboards, furniture and light fixtures to keep the room from feeling old. You may be amazed how much this will do for the look of your room.


Get a few inexpensive gallons of paint and start painting anything and everything. Ok, maybe not literally but so many items in your room can benefit from a coat of paint, not just your walls. Old mismatched furniture can look like a brand new set with nothing more than a coat of neutral paint. That old light fixture or lamp can be given an updated metallic finish with spray paint. Even that beautiful work of art can look like new with a freshly painted frame. So buy some inexpensive paint and make your room feel new.


Take some inexpensive slipcovers and table cloths and cover that old couch, chair or table. You do not have to replace old furniture just because it is ugly. Some simple fabric in a neutral color can make an eye sore disappear for a few dollars. So look around your room at what might benefit from simply being covered.


All too often curtains remain hanging around for decades because people feel they are too expensive to replace. Just because you are working with a budget does not mean that you cannot have fresh new drapes. The truth is that you can easily make curtains out of inexpensive flat sheets for around $5 per window. So do not let that old floral patter date your room. Replace it cheaply and bring your room into the new millennium.


Finally, look at your throw pillows. Are they looking tired and dated? Then look for some inexpensive replacements at stores like Target and Wal-Mart. You can easily find nice throw pillows for around $5 each. You might be surprised how changing out these little decorative items can make the entire room feel brand new.

As you can see, these five cheap ideas can easily update any room. By simply taking these ideas and applying them to your outdated room, you can create a brand new look on even the tightest of budgets. So start looking around and see how you can apply these tips to the ugly places in your home.


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