Which Is Better, Playstation 3 Or Xbox 360

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There are a number of people who enjoy gaming consoles and they are amongst the finest entertainment tools of the modern times which can be enjoyed at home. The fact is that gaming consoles have become so popular nowadays that whenever a new game released for the gaming console, you will find the stores running out of stock.

There are several different types of gaming consoles flooding the market nowadays and most claim to be the finest. Most of these companies in fact guarantee that you will have an ultimate gaming experience when you buy their gaming console. This is why many individuals are often confused about the best gaming console to buy.

Two of the well known brands which make gaming consoles and are often competing with each other are Microsoft and Sony. The most well liked gaming consoles available in the market nowadays are the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the new Xbox 360 from Microsoft. Both of them believe that the gaming console manufactured by them has the finest quality and you will enjoy it the most.

To help you sort out all the confusion, mentioned below are a few facts related to both these different gaming consoles. You will be able to select the gaming console which is best for you with this information on them.

PlayStation 3 from Sony is a very successful gaming console since its release in 2006 as it was integrated with the unique and most modern technology in gaming consoles. It comes with features such as the Blu-ray drive which was not found in most other gaming consoles. The best part of Blu-ray is that it has a bigger capacity for storing data. The PlayStation 3 gaming console also has Wi-Fi which enables you to log on to the net and play PlayStation 3 games online with several other players around the world. 

Xbox 360 has also been designed with some of the finest gaming console features and Microsoft has factored most of the requirements of its consumers in this gaming console. They have developed and created the Xbox 360 gaming console which almost has everything including upgradeable hard drive, wireless controllers, Xbox Live headset which allows you to chat with your friends while playing games, Wi-Fi adapter can also be integrated in Xbox Live Vision.

As mentioned above both these systems are good but for the Blu-ray technology in PlayStation 3. It is a good option if you looking for a gaming console which has high definition graphics.   


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