What Is Downgrade Psp?

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There are a number of us who will wonder what “Downgrade PSP” really means. I am sure if you have owned a PSP for some time now you must have heard of the term Downgrade or downgrading PSP. When we say Downgrade, what it basically means that you are bringing back your PSP to the earlier version which came with features which many intelligent people took advantage of and here we are mentioning PSP version 1.50.

As Sony realized that this version had exploits which allowed individuals to play games which were not released by Sony Company and this led to the release of Firmware Updates which is called upgrading the PSP, hoping that people who own PSP users only buy Sony UMD Games and UMD Movies. To the exasperation of Sony as it began releasing updates for the firmware, players tried to find methods to hack this firmware so that they could go back to PSP 1.50 so that they are able to play all the other games again.

The applications and games played on the PSP which have not been created by Sony are called “Homebrew” and have been developed by independent programmers who typically release such applications and games free of cost for PSP users all over the world. Now you will understand the massive appeal of PSP Downgrade and the reason why individuals don’t mind taking the risk of downgrading PSP.

Now the question is that can you downgrade all PSP?  It is possible to downgrade any PSP which has a firmware version 3.03 or below, this also includes PSP with the TA-082 motherboards which were not down gradable easily till some time back. It is unfortunate but true those with a PSP that is higher than 3.03 cannot downgrade as of yet but it is only expected to be a matter of time before a downgrade is made for those particular models.

All you have to do if you have one of the PSP’s that can be downgraded is to find the exact downgrade. It is vital to ensure that you make use of the right downgrade or you have the risk of bricking or making your PSP inoperable. When you find the suitable software to downgrade the PSP, you must follow the instructions precisely as given and in case you don’t follow the instructions as given you may again have the possibility of bricking your PSP. If by any chance your PSP becomes inoperable the only option you have is to get it Mod-Chipped and that will cost you about $100 or you will have to use it as a paperweight!


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