Best Places For Fly Fishing In The World

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Fly fishing which was developed particularly for fishing trout and salmon, is a special method of angling, whose origin has been misplaced with the passage of time. In the beginning actual worms and flies were used for baits, but with the passage of time rubber and plastic baits designed as artificial flies in place of real ones. In the beginning rods were manufactured with wood, but nowadays are made of glass fiber and polycarbonate. The artificial fly is lightweight but the line is heavy which helps the bait to sink.

The best places to go for fly-fishing.

There are several tales about locations where trout are seen jumping out of water, or where salmon can be caught by bare hands. I am not very sure about those places but I will tell you about two fly-fishing regions which are my favorite. Here you will get large salmon and trout and you can also have a relaxing time.

La Rioja in Spain is my first choice. What is the first picture which comes to your mind when you think of Spain? Maybe sunny beaches, hospitable people, wine but I don’t think you will ever think about the sport of fly-fishing. Well, you can think about it again, as La Rioja, a small Spanish town is an ideal place for trout fishing. There are two wild rivers, Najerilla and Iregua around La Rioja which offer a perfect opportunity for fly-fishing and offer big trout. Damsel Fly is the popular bait used by the local people fishing in the slower part of the streams, while the caddis are the boss in the faster portion of the river. You can also use artificial baits. The people here are very experienced fishermen and you can learn a few tricks from them. If you plan to fly-fish in Spain, this is where you should come to have a memorable fly fishing experience.

The Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec is a wonderful region situated around 350 km from the Canadian mainland. It is surrounded by high mountains, which are about 1200m. There is a gulf known as the Baie des Chaleurs or “The Gulf of Heat” where you can enjoy spectacular scenery also. The rivers here are believed to have the purest and clearest water on the globe.

They are only two of the numerous excellent places for an enthusiastic fly fisherman to visit and have a great experience!


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