Does Your Daughter Need Ballet Shoes?

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I had just enrolled my daughter for ballet lessons as she informed me on her fourth birthday that she would love to be a ballerina. I was really happy to hear this as I had a little girl who was not at all interested in becoming a tomboy.

Initially I enrolled her for a few creative dance classes which are advised before really getting into ballet. Just after one year of attending these classes the instructor told me that my daughter was ready as a beginner for ballet lessons. I was really happy to hear this.

We immediately decided to go and purchase the ballet outfits which are required for taking the ballet classes. You can’t imagine my emotions to see her in the dress as she looked absolutely gorgeous in the tiny tutu and her tights. I couldn’t stop taking photos of her. Next step was to get her ballet shoes and despite the salesperson being very helpful my daughter just did not feel comfortable in the ballet shoes when they were fitted into her feet. I tried to tell her that ballet shoes did feel like that when they were worn and she had to wear them if she wanted to take learn ballet. She sulked for some time and then settled on a pair.

A week after that she had her first lessons. She was all decked up gracefully in her new dress but didn’t want to wear her ballet shoes. I pleaded wither for 15 minutes and told her that she could wear her sandals to the class and put on her ballet shoes when we reached the class. With my insistence she packed the ballet shoes in her bag but informed me that she would be only dance in her sandals. I allowed it to pass and decided to leave it to the drama teacher to convince her. We reached and most of the other girls of her class were enjoying themselves in their ballet dress with their ballet shoes. She opened her sandals but was quite happy to run around barefoot. I softly informed the issue to the instructor who said she will manage it. The teacher went to my daughter and said something to her and before I realized she was wearing her ballet shoes, surprised I went out.

She is much older now and has through several sets of ballet shoes and is surely and steady on the path to live her dream of becoming a ballerina. Whenever I see her taking her taking the pink ballet shoes to her lessons my heart soars proudly.  We have spent a lot on her dresses and ballet shoes and every penny is worth it.


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