Do You Feel Comfortable Bathing And Cleaning Your Infant?

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We all are aware that cleanliness is vital for the health of an infant. Mentioned below are some important points for the parents of the infant to follow while cleaning the infant. 

It is important to remember that it is best to wash the infant every day with warm water and you must give him a bath every night to clean the body thoroughly. It is actually very necessary. The most effective way to determine the infant’s health and check diseases in future , it is good to bathe the fragile few days or weeks old infant in cold water. This is also a good idea of hardening the constitution of the child. It should not be done suddenly but in different levels and the water which is used for sponging the baby in the morning must be warm. The evening bath must also be warm enough for the comfort of the infant.

With the passing of some months, you can slowly lower the water temperature until it has reached the level of being cold. You can use this water for sponging the infant in the morning or even dipping the infant into the cold water especially during summer mornings. If you are dipping the infant in the cold water, you must only do it for a minute or so. In this period, particularly the cold which hits the body of the infant can considerably depress the vital functions of the infant if continued for a long time. This tends to prevent that healthy glow on infants body surface which is seen typically after the short dip in the cold water which is useful for the infant. Different infants may react in different ways to this dipping in cold water. Some of them who are very weak and deficient may react to cold bath in a hazardous manner.

Rub the body carefully and meticulously with dry flannel so that the skin remains warm and stimulated by the mild friction.  You must not spend too much time in cleaning and drying and it should be done fast and properly as that will a very way of making the infant stronger. It is particularly important to dry the groins and arm-pits carefully. If your baby is chubby it is best to dust the infant with starch or hair-powder as it prevents sores and excoriations in the baby. Use soap only for those body parts which are exposed to dirt. 


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