The Mothers-In-Law: The Matador Makes a Movie

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The Mothers-in-Law: The Matador Makes a Movie was the 7th episode of the 2nd season, airing in October 1968.  The show’s producer, Desi Arnaz, guest starred in his recurring role of Raphael del Gado, a matador who was now in show business.

The best little bit that I really enjoyed was a cameo by Desi Arnaz Jr. who played a production worker.  He was the one who used the clapboard to mark the shooting of a scene.  Arnaz Sr. looks at his son and asks if he knows him from somewhere. Yes, it is somewhat corny, but seeing them together was always fun.  It’s just too bad there wasn’t more to the appearance of Desi Jr.

The basic plot of the show had Eve and Kaye trying to get a part in the movie.  Naturally, it doesn’t really go their way, but much like Lucy in I Love Lucy found a way to be in Ricky’s shows and movies, Eve and Kaye do find a way into the show.

I’ve said before that The Mothers-in-Law was as much a variety show as it was a comedy, and episodes like this one reaffirm that belief.  I don’t mind that; in fact, it’s part of what I enjoy about the program.


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