2012 Conspiracy Theories: Project Enoch

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Welcome, future fellow survivors,

This is not the caveman days and while I agree that things are likely to get ugly, I not only scoff at this theory, I spit at it! Enough already.

If you’d like to know which site was the inspiration for this post, type in: 

project enoch and then look for the description that says:

“…will be used to disrupt Christianity on a global scale.”

I’m refusing to provide a direct link between the site and my blog and considering the photo of Obama and Hitler together, I wonder if they’ve let their obvious racism cloud their common sense so much that they simply have no brain cells left.

So what is Project Enoch? There was nothing that I could find associated with any project or true conspiracy, no proof. However, Enoch yielded millions of subjects. I possibly overlooked something but I doubt it. I found no specific mentions of Enoch and 2012 despite the gross number of articles connecting them. 

Here’s the short of Enoch.

God made man. The Angels watched man and became obsessed. They too wanted to walk and lay with women. They broke the Lords’ law and not only had tyrannical, monster-like children with people, they also taught them things like sorcery and the splitting of roots, which corrupted mankind, ruining God’s creation. Their offspring were giants who were wiped from the earth by the hand of God crashing down in anger.

(An interesting note here. I had someone recently point out that the dinosaurs were giants who were wiped from the planet. Made me think.)

All those involved in the crime, people and Angels, were damned for their sins, not to be forgiven until the end of the world,(explaining to some, the craziness of people in this century to see the end of the world come). If it ends, all sins are forgiven and people get to rise to Heaven. The Angels would also be free to resume their places at God’s side, also making some think these Angels are here on Earth now, trying find a way to cause the end so they can go home.

Enoch the Ethiopian delivered the punishments, handled pleas from the sinners to God for mercy,(Denied), and generally leads a good life. His story is best known for a particularly chilling version of visiting the Lord God on his Throne.

Enoch the Ethiopian is a part of the Apocrypha, or lost books of the Bible. Lost books? Not sure what those are? The lost book are part of the Bible that was removed. Here’s an article about it.


The Project Enoch Theory is a new world order set to reach it’s peak in the year 2012. It involves purification of the planet’s population by 80%, with many of those being in underground concentration camps, out of sight of the others. It is perpetuated by the African American community and also includes the Mark of the Beast theory, which will be used to identify those who have converted. Supposedly, this is underway even now.

I personally think this theory is a huge load of manure that those who fear blacks have put out to further their own hate-filled agendas. Shame on you for being a part of the problem!

Here’s two much more likely theories for what will happen in 2012.

Solar flares are uncommon but they certainly do a lot damage when they do show up. One of the worst blackouts in history was caused by a solar flare. Actually, it was caused by the waves of radiation that came just after the flare from the sun and...More.

Probably nothing. Everyone wishes they knew. Is it just coincidence about Nostradamous and the Mayan Indians? Was the prediction simply a clever writing opportunity seized? Impossible to know. Many believers will say there is no way that two different cultures at two times that far apart, could have predicted exactly the same date for the world to end…More.


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