Ted Baker XO Perfme Review

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Another perfume which was lucky enough to be bought for Christmas is this Ted Baker XO one. I have never really had a favourite one and was pleased to be given a variety to choose from. This is one which is certainly ranking in my top 3 at the moment and I really do enjoy wearing it.


The perfume comes in a glass bottle which is a sort of cube shape, this is the best way to describe it although it is not a fat as it is wide. It is a pink coloured glass which is very pleasant to look at as it means we don’t have to look at a wee coloured liquid inside. The top of the bottle is a normal spray trigger and this is covered by a pink plastic lid which does come on and off with ease. On the front of the bottle we have the perfume name in a light pink lettering and on the bottom of the bottle where is a gold coloured section which has the Ted Baker logo on.


I am not very good at being able to describe a scent and all the notes which it has but for me when I first smell this is smells quite woody and musky and I have the immediate thought of wearing it for a night out as it does have a sensual feel to it. I have researched the notes for the perfume and they are:-

Top notes – Sparkling orange blossom

Heart notes – Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, Green undertones

Base notes – Sensual helitrope, powdery musk’s

I was quite surprised when I found and read these as I am not able to smell the majority of these in the perfume. The orange does not stand out at all and neither does the floral. The ones which I can smell are the powdery musk’s and the sensual helitrope’s. The overall feel of the scent is great and it does have a warm and sensual feel.

I have not noticed any changes in the scent of this perfume when I have been wearing it at different times of the month. I have been advised in the past that hormones can affect the scent of a perfume on the skin but this one does not seem to be affected by them fortunately.


As there is the sensual feel to the scent I always think of wearing this one when I am dressed up and going out for the evening. There is also a romantic feel and it think it would be deal for romantic occasions and intimate moments. It could be worn in the daytime but I think it is a little to musky and does not have a light floral feel which I what I prefer as day wear. I think this perfume will be good for all ages and especially people over the age of 30. The younger market may prefer something a little more daring or stronger scented than this one. There is a more understated feel to this scent that is why I think it is for the older side of the market.


I am very pleased to say that this perfume does have good staying power. I have been able to still get a good smell of the perfume when I have been out and wearing it for a good 4-5 hours. I did only initially spray one good spray on my neck and a smaller spray on each of my wrists and did not have to go over board on the application to get the staying power I got. When it is first sprayed it is quite strong but within a few minutes it has mellowed and gone to the lovely musky scent which is not at all overpowering. The perfume also absorbs easily into the skin and is very easy to wash off when you have had enough of it.


I was bought this perfume as a gift so I am not sure how much hubby paid for it. I have looked on line and found that the 75ml bottle is available for around the £35 mark from a variety of stores. The price may seem slightly high to some but it really is good value for money as you don’t need to spray much for each wear and the staying power is very good. I do recommend shopping around for this perfume to get the best possible price.


YES, I am more than happy to give this perfume a good recommendation. The smell is wonderful and it is more suited for the over30’s as there is a more understated scent to it. The sensual feel is great for this to be worn on a romantic evening out. A full five starts for this perfume which is now in my favourite top 3.




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