Place Your Bet, Who’s Gonna Win Ufc 126: Anderson Silva VS Vitor Belfort?

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It’s finally “the Spider” VS “the Phenom” this coming February 5th, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Everyone is excited and already placing bets on who’s going to win the UFC 126 Fight. Both fighters’ posses the capabilities of a mixed martial artist that should never be taken for granted. So who do you think will win this battle? Will it be Silva or Belfort? Who knows?

Anderson Silva, fresh from his successful UFC 117 encounter with Chael Sonnen, should never be underestimated because of his track record. He is dubbed to possess a killer strike that could take down an opponent and not to mention his being a holder of a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which is believed to have hammered down the toughness in Sonnen. Silva should never be miscalculated when inside the ring because he can work himself out and win the harsh and dangerous competition against his fellow Brazilian opponent. His strong long legs deserve a special mention in this kind of fight analysis because he is physically powerful when standing up and combating at the same time.

Though it’s not all toughness that we see when we try to study one’s capabilities, we should also take a look or view on the down side. Anderson Silva is a tough fighter but he has also his share of losses in the past. He is really good when standing up but when his opponent has took him down already, we may have to question our trust in him. Silva’s one flaw can be seen if his adversary is wrestling him.

On one side is Vitor Belfort who’s a fellow Brazilian and known to have very tough punches to his previous opponents. Silva should be aware of the punches that will come his way in the upcoming UFC 126 live fight. Vitor has the skill of speed which should never be undervalued by his foe and rival in the ring. And of course, his ability to take down an enemy is a plus point. He is also very good in fighting while standing up as well as when on the ground. So, we can expect a very exciting fight between these two next month which is going to be a UFC Fight Live via pay-per-view.

So, who do you think is going to make it and emerge victorious in the end? There is actually a buzz coming around that if Silva will win the battle, he will then be facing St-Pierre in the upcoming UFC fights.

The fight between Silva and Belfort is going to be tough and exciting at the same time, and it’s also going to be a difficult decision in your part on whom you are going to put your money on. Don’t miss this exciting fight! Watch UFC 126 live stream on pay per view or on Las Vegas this coming February 5th and see who’s going to dominate the other in this epic fight!


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