New Zodiac Signs

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In an interview with an astronomer from the Minnesota Planetarium Society it was explained that the sun doesn’t rise and fall through the constellations on the same dates that our horoscope state that is does. 

Why not? Well, according to the astronomer the sun actually moves through 13 constellations rather than 12. The 13th is called Ophiuchus but this has been left out for thousands of years, since the Babylonians decided that they only wanted 12 constellations. In addition, because of the gravitational effects of the moon and sun, the Earth ‘wobbles’ on its axis affecting its rotation. This basically means that over time there has been a one month shift in the stars alignment. 

None of what the astronomer said is at all new but for some reason this particular newspaper article has caused uproar. Perhaps it is due to today’s ‘viral capabilities’ of social networking sites? 

In response, some astrologers have said that there have always been two zodiacs, one practiced in the west and one in the east. Apparently, the above would only affect the eastern one. That notwithstanding, here is what the zodiacal adjustments would mean for us: 

Capricorn: January 20-February 16 

Aquarius: February 16-March 11 

Pisces: March 11-April 18 

Aries: April 18-May 13 

Taurus: May 13-June 21 

Gemini: June 21-July 20 

Cancer: July 20-August 10 

Leo: August 10-September 16 

Virgo: September 16-October 30 

Libra: October 30-November 23 

Scorpio: November 23-December 17 

Sagittarius: December 17-January 20 

Sources: CNN, WKRG News,, Minneapolis Star Tribune


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