The Mothers-In-Law: Nanny, Go Home

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The Mothers-in-Law: Nanny, Go Home was funnier than I thought it was going to be at first.  The plot centers around new parents, Suzie and Jerry Buell, trying to adjust to life at home with newborn twins.  It’s a bit much for Suzie to handle at first, so the father-in-laws chip in and hire a nanny.

The wives aren’t thrilled by the nanny who turns out to be a bit more perfect than they would have liked.  She runs a tight ship and has everyone on a schedule as to when they can see the twins.  Even Suzie and Jerry have to follow the nanny’s agenda.

Eventually, a plot is hatched to get the Irish-born nanny to miss her roots and hopefully convince her to leave.  Of course, that backfires, too, but in the process, there are some funny bits and more musical numbers by the stars.

Jeanette Nolan guest starred as Annie McTaggert, the nanny.  Nolan can drive me batty or be entertaining.  I never know which version I’ll get.  This one turned out to be a positive one.  I thought she was a hoot in the role.

So, for me, this was another comedy episode that worked well and had me laughing.


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