The Mothers-In-Law: And Baby Makes Four

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The Mothers-in-Law: And Baby Makes Four from the halfway point of this series second season is when Suzie Hubbard Buell finally has her baby, only as the title insinuates, she has twins.

The funniest part of the show is the recurrent quest of Suzie’s mother and her mother-in-law to get inside the hospital room to be with her before, during, and after the birth.  They keep coming up with ways to try to sneak in.  They try dressing as surgeons at one point and as nuns at another.  Both Eve Arden and Kaye Ballard do super jobs in these scenes.

Also helping to making those prized moments a success is guest star Alice Ghostley who plays the head nurse.  She’s on to them and becomes their nemesis in the quest to be with Suzie.

Some of the script was predictable, like Jerry Buell’s response to being told he was now the father of twins.  He had that sappy, silly look on his face which is the typical reaction to that news on television.

I also like what they did at the end of the show, which was something I don’t believe I’ve seen anywhere else, but they did a little ‘introducing’ scene with the babies.

All in all, the show was good.


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