The Mothers-In-Law: Didn't You Use to Be Ozzie Snick?

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The 13th show from Season 2 of The Mothers-in-Law had the odd title of Didn’t You Use to Be Ozzie Snick?  It was logical, though, when you consider the plot of this half hour comedy that starred Eve Arden as Eve Hubbard, Kaye Ballard as Kaye Buell, Richard Deacon as Roger Buell, and Herbert Rudley as Herb Hubbard.

Off and on in the series, Kaye boasted of having sung with some bandleader named Ozzie Snick.  What happens in the show is that lawyer Herb gets a new client, Owen Sinclair.  Only Owen is really the legendary Ozzie Snick.

When Eve finds out, she sets up a meeting between Ozzie and Kaye, only neither recognizes the other.  This is when the true story comes out about Kaye’s work for the bandleader and their so-called romantic relationship.

Playing Ozzie is none other than Ozzie Nelson.  It was perfect casting, and my hunch would be that Snick was really named after him.  Nelson was always a laid back performer, but also when a quirky allure to him.  I just loved seeing him here.

Ballard was very good, her reactions to the situation very well done.

After the big plot, the show presented another variety segment, letting us see the stars sing and dance.


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