Here's Lucy: Lucy Meets The Burtons

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As a long time TV watcher, I actually remember all of the press that Here’s Lucy: Lucy Meets the Burtons received when it first aired in 1970.  It was the first episode of the 3rd season, and with guest stars like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, it was a shoe in ratings winner.

In the decades since, I’ve seen the show a handful of times when it aired in syndication, but this was long before cable TV took over.  It had been a very long time since I’d seen it until I acquired the DVD set over the holidays.

I have to say that I laughed out loud, literally and loudly, for just about the entire episode.  It was so hysterical.  I told friends that it just proved that good comedy lasts for the ages.

Burton and Taylor were still on top of their game then, and it was obvious.  Burton took a lot of comedic hits about his drinking, which showed he had some self-effacing qualities.  Taylor was this little thing who could roar when she wanted to.

The story is all about the huge diamond Burton had purchased for his wife in real life.  In the episode, he loses it and Lucy puts it on.  Naturally, she can’t get it off and that sets up a great episode.

If you only ever see one episode of this series, this is the one to see.


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