Submit Your Press Releases Very Carefully!

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A lot of people actually wonder how and why to submit press releases and to be honest not many people realize the importance of a press release. This is the one document that is looked upon in the internet marketing world as the ticket to literally instant web traffic. There are new websites coming up by the day and the internet world is actually expanding at a frantic pace. There are websites that offer products, services or are simply informational and then there also are some websites that are individualistic websites about a person or a resume and so on and so forth. Every one of these people actually look at getting as much traffic to their website as is possible, in a safe and secure manner; and this is where they ask the internet marketing companies handling their work to submit press releases.

Linkbullets is an internet marketing company that handles whole SEO and SEM projects and can easily submit press releases but then we work with a difference. We have a super experienced SEO team that analyses your website from ground up. The feedback from the SEO team is given to our in house IELTS certified content writers. The content writers write up a press release with a difference and then our SEO team submits the press release to our selection of High quality High traffic Press release websites. We ensure we follow up with the submissions and that we do everything manually and correctly because once a person submits a press release, it cannot be modified as the release will already have been distributed to hundreds of thousands of websites all over the world!


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