Tips For Outdoor Wedding Planning

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Wedding planning can be difficult, but it is even harder when you are doing outdoor wedding planning. There are more things that you have to think about and there are also more things that can go wrong when you want to have your ceremony and/or your reception outside. Weather is always an issue, as are things like noise, location, and the unexpected things like traffic or people in general. When you plan to marry outside, you have to make extra plans and go through extra steps so that you have a backup in the event that things go wrong.

The first thing about outdoor wedding planning that you have to understand is that you can never count on the weather cooperating. Many have planned outdoor ceremonies and  had beautiful weather, but just as many have also had huge problems with rain, lightning, or wind. These can ruin the best of plans. If you are going to plan to be outside for your wedding, you always have to have a backup plan in place. This means booking an alternative location in the event the weather simply refuses to acknowledge or care about your plans. Keep it nearby and mentioned on the invitations so guests know where to go.

If you have wisely chosen an alternative location when doing your outdoor wedding planning, another step is to let everyone know. As mentioned, your guests should know where the alternative location is, but you also have to let your vendors know. These are the folks bringing your flowers, food, and decorations. This can also include your clergy, your musicians or singers, and anyone else contributing to your wedding. Set up a scenario so that they know when to go to the alternative location is to be used. That saves you a lot of frantic phone calls on the morning of your wedding. Assign someone else to make sure everything is going to the right place.

You may also want to have an alternative area for your wedding photos. Many get some done in the ceremony location, but then move outside to get some natural shots there. If there is bad weather, you have to work this into your outdoor wedding planning as well. Come up with an indoor location for your shots should the weather decide to go bad on you. If you have a local botanical gardens, this is a great option. There are other areas too that you can use for beautiful indoor shots. Plan for this alternative ahead of your wedding so it’s all set to go.

Lastly, choose your wedding area carefully. If you are getting married in a park, make sure there is somewhere nearby to go in the event of a downpour. The day may be sunny and bright, but a storm can roll in out of nowhere. If you have a pavilion or other building that can be used as shelter when the unexpected happens, you won’t get soaked and your guests can have shelter as well. It does not have to be right next to where you are going to marry, but it should be nearby so you can reach it in time. This part of outdoor wedding planning should be done as you choose your outside location. Look lookout for noisy traffic areas and even airport areas too, as the noise can be distracting or even ruin your ceremony.


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