Planning a Wedding Reception Quickly

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If you do not have a year or even six months to go about planning a wedding reception, you have to do so quickly. There are a lot of things that go into a reception, and if you are getting married with only a little time to plan, you may feel overwhelmed. There are some steps you can take to get things done quickly, and some things you should find someone to do for you so that you are not bogged down with details and have no hope of getting it all done. Find a trusted few, and start getting things into motion as soon as you can.

Think about the most important parts of planning a wedding reception so that you know what means the most to you and what you want to handle on your own. This may be food and menu, as well as the choice for band or music. These are things that are going to be memorable for guests, so you may very well want to take them on all by yourself, or with the help of your finance. Look up options, go taste testing if you can, and make a choice that tastes good, but that also has mass appeal. You probably don’t have time to adjust the menu later for picky eaters. Remember, include a few vegetarian dishes, as there are always a few people in any party that need them.

After you have chosen the most important parts of your reception that you know you want to handle yourself, think about how much time you have (realistically) to take care of these things. If you think you are going to have more time, you can then pick other things that you know you want to choose on your own. You want to choose your own décor theme, but perhaps it is important to you to choose each item carefully. On the other hand, perhaps you have a friend that is good at this and you know you can trust her to do well with planning a wedding reception layout that you will love.

Next, find the parts of planning a wedding reception that you know you can leave up to your fiance. They can order personalized items for you by going online and using the wording or dates that you have given them. This could be napkins, keepsakes, and favors. They can also do other tasks that you think they can handle well. If you need to be in control, make a detailed list with dates by when these need to be done, and then look every day to see what they have checked off. It will help you keep your sanity when planning something so important so quickly.

Have friends and family help you with things that they may know about when thinking about planning a wedding reception. Perhaps they can put together a decent seating chart for you, if you are assigning seats, that you can finish and tweak when they are done. They can also help with a music play list for your DJ, if you are choosing one, and perhaps they can work out how to set up the hall so that everything runs smoothly. It would be great to handle of this on your own, but some brides with a year to plan get stressed for time. Get help where you can and remember that you are getting married to the love of your life, the rest is just cake, so to speak.


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