5 Vegetables That Grow Through The Winter

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As a keen gardener myself growing my own food is very close to my heart and felt it was apt to start off my blog with a series on vegetable gardening all year round. I see no downsides to growing your own fruit and veg at home, especially when you can be harvesting right through the year. For me this is the ultimate reward and can be carried out on a very small plot, like mine!

After much trial and error i’ve listed 5 vegetables that thrive when sown from Autumn onwards for Autumn/Winter cropping.

1. Lambs lettuce – Can be sown until the end of October and with some fleece or protection, are likely to last until January. Protection from pests is still necessary as these little blighters are still lurking before hibernation! Great for salads and sandwiches.

2. Savoy Cabbage – A warm bed which has been covered can get a first sowing in March and then a second around April. Sow in drills 200mm apart and 12mm deep. Cut only when they’re fully hearted and don’t worry if the frost comes, for these it only increases the intensity of the flavour!

3. Purple sprouting Broccoli – Sow March to May. This is one tough veggie and can withstand even the hardest of frosts. As soon as the spring days warm up, beautifully tender new shoots appear and keep coming for weeks on end.

4. Kale – Sow in early to mid may and transplant out into a spot where potatoes or beans have grown. They are good on all soil types and a highly underrated vegetable. It is very high in iron and a perfect accompaniment to stir fries, not just for the cattle!

5. White sprouting broccoli – A later growing broccoli and again a very tough veggie with heavy cropping. Sow in early May and harvest from April and beyond!



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