Sunbathing Exposure

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        The publicity given to health hazards posed by the depleted ozone layer has made suntan lotions go out of fashion. Instead, ”shade sunscreens”, or sunblockers”, which mosturise the skin an offer ultraviolet protection, are being introduced as a safer alternative.

      Unrestained tanning has always been dangerous. Excessive exposure to the sun’s rays is responsible for skin ageing to soon as well as drastically lowering one’s immunity to infectious diseases. What causes the most concern, however, is the very real danger of developing skin cancer. Every 10 to 15 years the number of cases of this type of cancer doubles. Its most vicious for – malignant melanoma – now claims about 1.000 lives each year.

         Two factors contributing to these alrming statistics are the increase of the amount of harmul radiation reaching the earth and the fact that lifestyles have changed. For many years, a deep tan eas regarded as an essential fashion component  with bikins growing so skimpy that the sunseeker’s whole body was finally exposed to the sun’s rays. Today it is no longer considered attractive, and fashion designers are trying to introduce an element of common sense into their summer collections.

         No matter what kind of sunscreen one is using, overexposure and deliberate tanning should be avoided, especially if one has sensitive skin with little pigmentation. Exposing your skin to the sun should be a gradual process if one wants to avoid sunburn. It is estimated that tewnty minutes in the tropical sun is the maximum for the average European. Sun – care products are designed to minimize the danger, but will never entirely eliminate it. Holidays in the tropics will continue to be popular among sunsekeers but, without adequate precautions, they may have a tragic end.


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