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Back Pain Relief in San Jose

Like so many people I know, I have spent a good amount of time and energy searching for the ultimate in back pain remedies. Lower back pain relief is my specific goal because I can not sit or stand for very long at once without being reminded that the back pain relief I seek is an illusive thing. Upon recommendation, I visited a Relax the Back store in San Jose; and although I entered with a great deal of consumer reluctance, I left with some great ideas about back pain relief. Here’s what I tried:

Most of us have heard about lumbar support desk chairs, and I am now convinced that purchasing one from a specialty shop (like Relax the Back) is important if you are seriously on a quest for back pain relief. Fortunately, the folks who work at RB are both knowledgeable about their products and willing to help you find the one that will contribute to your particular back pain help. I sampled a really cool desk that can be lowered and made higher to offer the most back pain relief for those of us who spend hours at a desk each day. But the item I found gave me the most instant and tangible lower back pain relief –and back pain relief in general because everything could just relax– was an anti-gravity device a person lies on that tips upside down and reduces compression on the spine. I wonder if back pain remedies are really better advertised as partial or temporary back pain relief aids, but I can see how spending a few minutes a day on this gizmo, maybe a couple times a day, could really counter the effects of sitting and standing so much and facilitate some lasting back pain relief.

If there merchandise isn’t impressive enough– nor the staff’s being so educated on their numerous back pain relief products– the return policy here is more than generous. Should you purchase an item and take it home for a test drive only to realize that the back pain relief you sought isn’t all there, you can bring the item back and either exchange it for another or request a refund.

I am convinced that Relax the Back is going to be my go-to place for all of my back pain help. I got the feeling that these guys really do want to sell you the most promising back pain relief product for you and that they get that back pain help is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.


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