How Google Helps You in Your Search For Jobs Online

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Anyone who has ever used Google or any search engine to search for any kind of information online, often finds that their search skills can serve them in good stead in something much more important to them – a search for jobs online. Is looking for a job on Google just the same as looking for any kind of information? Well, yes and no. A search for jobs online with Google is about the same with a few twists added. Let’s go into the details of how.

Let’s say that you are in Colorado, and you are looking for jobs to do with accounting. What you do is in general, you search with the keyword phrase Accounting Jobs in Denver entered into the search box. What this does for you is, it gives you a bunch of search results with many of the words you want in them, but not in the same sequence. What good is it to you to get a search result with the word Accounting in one place and Denver in another? What you need to do is ask Google to return only pages that have the full keyword phrase you searched for. To do that, you need to put the whole phrase in double quotes. This makes Google take it seriously that you mean exactly what you say. However, putting too many words in those quotes will make it really tough for Google to find anything at all. As long as you have a really concise and meaningful little keyword phrase to search for jobs online by, doing this should get you great results.

So you want to search for Accounting Jobs in Denver. What happens though if you suspect that the word Jobs isn’t really doing it for you? What if you need other words like Career or Work to go along with it? You can just use a tilde, the ~ symbol, in front of your main search term, and you’ll get all synonyms searched for as well. For people who search for jobs online, Google’s Advanced Search is invaluable tool. Not only can you search for specific terms, you can even exclude specific terms that you know don’t get you any results. If you tend to stay away from Google’s Advanced Search for the reason that it tends to be a little too complicated, try their Advanced Search Made Easy option.

For people searching for jobs online, Google has a little database for jobs known as Google Base. It happens to contain quite a comprehensive listing of jobs for your local area. It may not be as comprehensive as monster, but it’s pretty good.


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