How to Make Sure You Get The Lowest Possible Price on Your Next Disney Vacation

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Everyone wants to save money on their Disney vacation but few know how

You can book directly with Disney or use a travel agent to book your Disney trip for you.
With the internet most people do a little research and book their own Disney vacation and think they have the best deal.

A little know secret is that if you use a Disney Specialist (a travel agency that books just Disney Vacations) you can save money.

Most people don’t use a Disney Specialist because they do not realize that they have access to all the latest Disney Package Discounts.  They also think that using a travel agent that specializes in Disney vacations will cost them something.  There must be a fee or hidden charge.  The truth is that a travel agency that specializes in Disney Vacations should change you Nothing Extra and will save you money.

So here is what you get by booking with a Disney Specialist:

1.    You want to find one that will listen to your needs and book a Disney Package for you that fits your needs and also is at the lowest possible price.
2.    A Disney Specialist should also monitor your vacation once you book it with them.  If a better Disney discount is released the Disney Travel Specialist will get this information directly from Disney and will move you to the new package if it saves you money.  So you can book early to get the best current Disney discount and then if a new better discount is released they will move you to that better deal.
3.    A good Disney Specialist will also plan your vacation itinerary for you.  So they will book your dining reservations and help plan your days at Disney.
4.    If there are Disney Ship Board Credits to be found, a good Disney Travel Specialist will find those for you.  Ship board credits are extra cash bonuses that would be added to your folio on a Disney Cruise.  You can use them to take excursions, buy a bottle of wine, buy merchandise, photos, etc.
5.    Again, your Disney Specialist should charge you Nothing for their services.  They get paid by Disney for offering you these discounted Vacation packages.  So you have nothing to lose.  

About the Author:  
Steve Griswold is a Disney Travel Specialist with Pixie Vacations
Phone: 678-815-1584


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