Design Your Own Body Art For Valentines Day

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Ever thought of getting a naughty tattoo or maybe someone’s name but did not want to get something permanent.

Now with the wide variety of temporary tattoos, custom tattoo stencils and temporary body jewelry available online you can create fantastic customized body art.

We just started using temporary tattoos, custom tattoo stencils and non piercing body jewelry to create our own customized body art.

You can create custom temporary tattoos with custom stencils, that you design, and apply with temporary tattoo inks.

With these custom stencils you can create any temporary tattoo design you desire, from tranquil to wild.

Combining these custom temporary tattoo stencils and inks with pre-made temporary tattoos allow you to create one of a kind temporary body art.

Combining words and images that you create with beautiful pre-made tattoos the possibilities on what you can create are almost endless.

From sexy to sensual, freaky to funny anything you can think of you can create.

Temporary custom tattoos are easy to apply and last for up to 10 days. But they can also be easily and quickly removed.

You can also add sexy non-piercing body jewelry to your design.

Using non-piercing body jewelry you choose an appropriate item to begin your design. With custom stencil options you design your own name, word or image stencil. Then from pre-made temporary tattoos you select a temp tattoo to finish your body art.

With this process you can create unique body art for Valentines Day.

Whether you want to excite your partner, show someone special how you feel about them or show something unique to the whole world designing your own personal body art is a great experience. So let your imagination run wild and spice up your Valentines Day.


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