Causes And Treatment Of Acne Scars

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Acne is the result of a reaction between bacteria and sebum released by the glands found in skin, giving rise to an infection. As the condition starts to heal, collagen, which is a protein, is produced in the inner surface of the skin. If collagen goes beyond normal levels, it results in a protrusion, and if it is below normal, it leads to small depressions on the surface of the skin. Both these cases cause acne scars. Teenagers usually suffer more than others as the levels of hormones increase rapidly during the period of puberty causing increased release of sebum.

Some of the common reasons behind an acne infection are usage of beauty products that are not suitable for the skin type, using contraceptive pills and medicines, and other hereditary factors. A number of other factors such as anxiety, unhealthy eating habits, and even pollution can cause acne. However, contrary to common belief, there is no scientific link between spicy or fast food and acne.

Notwithstanding the variety of herbal products that claim to heal acne and that are being sold to consumers at different stores, it is advisable to get medical opinion if the situation worsens or if it happens repeatedly. In order to ensure that acne does not increase, it is advisable to abstain from pinching the lesion or piercing it with pointed things.

A growing number of people are also resorting to cosmetic treatments to remove acne scars and to get back a spotless skin. Laser based procedures and surgery are also being used increasingly for getting rid of acne scars, along with several new treatments that have been developed by medical science. You should take advice from a well known skin specialist who would be able to identify your skin type and suggest an effective remedy accordingly.


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