Wanting And Needing Friendship, so it Seemed..

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Jan 1994

Climb from your pedestal, O prince of mine

Grace me with your greeting and a dignified smile;

Fear me not, O prince divine,

I favour my confessions, pure of dismay;

Fear not my manifesto, its honesty is rich in virtue,

Fear not my presuming poise, it is a mere modest uniform;

     I need not quench from your glass of wine

nor replenish off your table divine,

I need not breath of your breath pure

nor reach for your essence to endure,

I shall thirst on water and feed on the grain,

I shall exist on sweet air and strengthen on my pain;

     Yet, I pray thee

my prince before time,

bestow to me one wish;

A memory of our passion and a friendship to cherish.



A magnetism between two beings

so strong, so definite, so conscious,

And yet, so conservative;

A captivating liaison of incessant love,

Yet, masqueraded with ambiguity;

I am magnificently yours.


14 Feb 1994

Interwoven consternation of mind,

An apprehension to be explained.

Inscribed into heart

An indictment of regression

Uncontrollable and determined.

To be disburdened,

Is to carry a wreath of bramble to the womb.


16 Feb 1994


Brittle and pure as innocence

Delicate and fresh

resembling the crisp breeze on a hot day

sea spray off the crest of a wave;


Cunning and beguiling

Enticing and malicious

resembling lava pounding the earth beneath a volcano

a scarlet blanket draped over and infant;


Innocently malicious

Delicately beguiling

resembling an entwined snake around a virgin oak

a swan nesting amongst vultures;

A golden sunset drowns a skeleton coast

an ebony birth

an amber existence

an ivory death;

Mysteriously exposed

as life may be.


27 Mar 1994

i did sing.

my frosted breath


cool with the breeze;

my quivering hands

squashed tightly blue;

with icy toes

i danced to a snow beat;

i sing of warm heart, of warm soul

with intention to please,

but frozen death

will engulf my verse

my prose will reach the snowman.



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