Guayabo-The National Monument in Costa Rica

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Guayabo is a national monument in the Cartago Province in Costa Rica. It is not only the rainforest but an archeological site in this country. In Guayabo the ancient bridges, petroglyhs, water tanks, home sites and dwellings are found which were estimated some about 3,000 years old. The nearest city to this place is the Turrialba and Cartago. The area it covers in Costa Rica is around 550 acres which is about 2.2 km. It is to be largest archeological site situated in the cloud forest and in the rain forest of the Costa Rica. Guayabo is a known as an ancient site from the pre-Columbian Era. While exploring in this place you can find the foundation of raised stones and the rough road made of stones.

In this place one can see the archeology of unique figures including the carving of crocodile, jaguars and different species of insects. The petroglyphs are abundant which are covered with messages carved on the stones. But these messages are still a mystery because they are not been described yet even by the archaeology experts. There are decorative items like pottery, gold artifacts, jade. The facilities available in the park is that there are range stations which are open whole day where one can hike, climb, camp in the selective area and also bathing facilities for the visitors. There are various drive directions which can take you to the Guayabo.

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