How a Songwriting Contest Can be Useful to Your Career

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A free songwriting contest can be a life changing platform for many. It is not just about winning a prize. As a matter of fact, there are organizers in the music industry who arrange these contests for very specific reasons. The key idea is to look for new and talented songwriters to work with and often a songwriting contest is considered to be an ideal way to find them.

Often people have misconception i.e. the songwriting contests are for beginners only. There are some songwriters who do not wish to enter a songwriting contest because they feel they are “past” that phase. However, the truth is that a lot of these songwriting contests are for every level, from beginner to advance. At times, these songwriters are financed from a variety of different sources, such as record labels, producers, publishers, and magazines. Some of the songwriting contests are held by websites, radio stations, and several groups that are associated with music. If you are just starting out, entering contests is a great way to get feedback. Some of these platforms provide a scoring sheet with comments that are very helpful in developing and improving your skills. Moreover, your songs will be getting exposure, and that is also valuable for your songwriting career.

If you are an experienced songwriter and have been writing for a while, you might have even more reasons to enter. When considering a particular songwriting contest, research to find out who the judges are. The people who are selecting the winners are label executives or publishers, which mean that even if they do not select your song, it has still been heard by them. In the world of entertainment, a little exposure goes a long way.

Before participating in a songwriting contest, make sure that all of your songs are copyrighted before you send them anywhere. Although a majority of the contests are handled by professionals who have no intentions of taking credit of your work, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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