To Stay Single or Not To Stay Single

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When it comes to love many people agree whats age got to do with it. Each one of us need someone or the other at some point in our life. True that we come alone in this world but what makes it worth living is companionship. In this lifetime,an individual goes through so many phases. Tears,smiles,creases on forehead,jealousy and fear are all part of this life. There are things which we can share with our parents,there are things which we mock in front of our friends and there are desires buried deep inside which remain a secret till your last breathe. Life lived all alone is a burden sometimes. Imagine you have all the riches of the world but you do not have anybody to share your moment of glory with you. What are you going to do with them ? Ask yourself will they really give you a blissful happiness?

Youth is an age generally associated with love and romance. They say with age we grow wiser and when the harsh reality of life strikes love takes a backseat and we are engulfed in the sea of responsibilities. You have to earn a livelihood,you have to get married and the mundane rituals of living start to roll by. Love becomes something which you read in books when you were in your teens. It is indeed hard to find any couple in the world which has never fought or never had any differences between them . Human beings are rational animals and when two people think there is bound to be a difference of opinions. Now depending upon how strong the bond between a couple is,differences are settled sometimes amicably and sometimes they take a worse shape.

There are many men and women across the globe who choose to wait for the right person to come in their life than waste their time and energy on just anyone randomly. There are couples who after sharing a some beautiful moments take separate paths. There are people who have lost their other half to death. Some succumb to loneliness while some try to give their life an another chance. Senior dating is no more looked down upon. There are many mature men and Singles dating their opposite sex through internet or casual personal interactions. This is followed all across the globe weather you are looking for a Date Bergen or any other date. An intimate relationship between two sexes need not always be physical in nature. There are many who believe in platonic relationship. What matters to them is just the matching of wavelength.


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