The Impossible Test For Iphone And Ipod Touch Walkthrough (51-70)

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Caution ** This guide contains many spoilers, so if you plan to complete the game without help, I advise you discontinue reading **

To go back to levels 31-50, click here, or to go back to levels 1-30, click here.

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51. Tap the ice cube, the graphic on the left.

52. Tap the circular thing on the left; I’m not to sure why though.

53. Don’t not press the button, which means to press the button.

54. Tilt your iPhone or iPod touch until you see the charge bar loading up.

55. Within 9 seconds, enter the pin you received in question 49, which is 220.

56. First, move the green alien on the left, then the purple one on the right, then the text on the bottom, and finally press continue.

57. This question is used to unlock the Easter egg questions, which you can find the guide for here, but for now just tap the T.V.

58. Lift the weight by tapping it until you can see the continue button.

59. Type in the text box “bananas”.

60. Spin the windmill by slowly spinning your iPhone or iPod touch, in the direction that the propellers would move.

60 levels completed! These burger ingredients will help you in level 68.

61. Take five pizzas by tapping the whole pizza five times.

62. Don’t press anything until the green sign comes up that says “Go!”, then tap this sign.

63. Tap the colours in this order: red, orange, yellow green, blue, indigo, and then violet. Then tap, continue.

64. Tap 6, the bottom left button, as that was how many craters the moon had in question 41.

65. No, you didn’t fail. Press the words continue on the top right of the report card.

66. The question says cherry, not cherries, so move the left cherry away from the right, then tap the right cherry.

67. For this question, move the “e” from the word email to the left of the dash in the box, then move the letter to the right of the dash in order to make an e-mail.

68. Use the burger ingredients you got for completing 60 levels to make a burger. The ingredients were, in this order, bottom bun, patty, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, and then the top bun.

69. You will get an extra live for completing level 68, and for this question you have to hold the bubble still in the middle of the level for 5 seconds.

70. For this one you need to move the letters “ork” and then tap the word “spoon”, finally, tap the fork.

To finish the game and check out levels 71-75, click here.

In order for you and other people to be completely satisfied, please comment telling me if you want guides for any other parts of the game or if you would like guides for other iPhone and iPod touch games and I will be happy to upload them for you.


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