Ideas For Arts And Crafts For Christmas

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Can you just think of what it would be like to open a box of Christmas ornaments and find not just beautiful store-bought baubles, but toys and ornaments made by the hands of all the children in the family through the years? All you would need to do would be to hold one ornament or the other, and beautiful memories of the enjoyable times had making them should flood back and really set the holiday spirit going. Making your mind up to only put up arts and crafts for Christmas that were made by the hands of your children does more than merely bring back memories of the good old times though. It helps your children think of new ways to be creative every year of their lives. And therein lies the real value in setting up a family rule to never put up any Christmas baubles that aren’t made by children in the family.

For families that appreciate the spirit there is to be enjoyed in having a family create its own arts and crafts for Christmas, let’s go over some crafts ideas for every age. Needless to say, all crafts need to be made under close adult supervision. With implements like scissors and shiny stuff like tinsel, there is always the danger that children can be tempted to play with them in ways that are dangerous.

Let’s start our arts and crafts for Christmas out with snow globes. Nothing speaks Christmas like the charm of a child-made snow globe. The trick in making a snow globe at home lies in finding a bottle of the right shape. Fancy shampoo bottles are always a possible source. Once you’ve found a clear plastic bottle of the right shape, all you need to do is to pour in some glitter, and fill up the space that remains with a liquid made half of corn syrup and half of water. You don’t want to completely fill the bottle up, because there are other things that can be added to the mix too. Your children can take their pick from a choice of beads oor small plastic floating toys to throw in there. Once sealed, it becomes a great little holiday snow globe, and every child knows how one is made now.

The homemade tradition is really catching on around the country. Lots of crafts stores everywhere sell little ceramic ornaments that you can buy for the children in the family to paint by hand. Buy acrylic paints and brushes to decorate them with, and these ornaments can be a great mix of factory-made finish, combined with the touchy-feeliness of handmade beauty.


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