The Impossible Test, Easter Egg Questions

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Caution, this guide contains spoilers and if you plan to complete the Easter egg questions on your own, I would advise that you discontinue reading this.

The Easter egg questions are a set of secret questions in The Impossible Test. In order to unlock the questions, you need to complete a very small series of tasks. To unlock the series of questions, you need be on question 57 of the test, (the one with the T.V. asking you to come back at 2:00 for a special surprise) at 2:00. So, you need to change your iPhone or iPod touch’s clock to a 24 hour clock by going to your settings> general> date & time, and “turn you 24-hour time” on. Then, while in the same folder, tap “set date & time” and change it to about 1:57, depending how long it takes you to get to the television question. You need to time yourself to get to that question at exactly 2:00, to unlock the questions.

Now that they are unlocked, go to the main screen of The Impossible Test and click on the Easter egg icon. Once you begin, there will be a clock counting up by the second starting at 0. You will notice a “W” at the top of the screen, and another letter will be added every 30 seconds. At 30 seconds, a “a” will appear beside the “W”. At 60, an “i” will appear; at 90, a “t”; at 120, a “.”; 150, another “.”; and at 180 seconds, the final “.” will appear. At this point, you will see the phrase “Wait…”. Finally, when the counter reaches 200, tap on the screen to complete the first question.

A message should come up congratulating you on finishing the first part, and now it you need to complete the second. The question asks, “What are you?”, and there is a text box where you need to fill in the answer. Remember once you completed 50 levels, the game said you were considered “other”? Well, what are you? Other. The answer to the second part of the Easter egg questions is “other”.

Congratulations on completing the Easter egg questions, and if you are stuck on any of the questions of the classic questions test, please check out my guides for them. For questions 1-30, click here. For questions 31-50 click here, for 51-70, click here, or for 71-75, click here. If you would like another guide for other parts of the game, or a guide for another game, leave a comment requesting it and I will upload it as soon as possible.


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